Scholarship For Abroad Study 2018, International Scholarship Program

Scholarship For Abroad Study 2018, International Scholarship Program: – Many students from India plan to go overseas for advanced educations; the accessibility of scholarships plays a very important role in students deciding to go abroad for their higher education. We all realise how high tuition fees are in those reputed foreign universities. In this diverse world where currency valuation and living standard vary a lot, winning a scholarship could be the difference between, realizing your dream of Scholarship For Abroad Study. Scholarships generally covers some or all of the tuition fees of the candidate.

 Scholarship For Abroad Study

Some scholarships even pay some of your living expenses. In this post we will take a look at some of those prestigious scholarships and how you may apply for them. With a solid academic record and one of these scholarships, you might realise your dream.

Scholarships may principally be classified into the subsequent categories:

  • Scholarships offered by the government– Department of Education runs only those scholarships/fellowships are offering by the foreign countries under Cultural Exchange programs and other programs. Availability of scholarship is subjected to availability of a specific facilities at Donor Company.
  • Scholarships offered by educational institutions– most universities run their own scholarship programs to help less privileged students. These scholarships involve a very high TOFEL/ILET score.
  • Scholarships offered by private trusts and philanthropists –  the Tata Group, The Reliance Foundation, Aditya Birla Group, Sun Foundation are some of the many big player who aid the talented and needy students. These companies often have a charitable foundation, which select and help deserving candidate.
  • Research grants for doctoral studies – most of the higher education scholarships involve research and PHD students. These scholarships are very popular in scientific and technological research field.

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